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A Place for Easy Southern Comfort Food & Sweets- Vegan Style

My earliest memories of cooking are of helping my mom pound meat for Southern Fried Steak and batter legs for fried chicken.  I remember fondly making brownies and getting to lick the spoon.  The many hours I put in with my mom in the kitchen are vague memories, just of the fun of cooking rather than a true grasp of the science. Since I became vegetarian about 25 years back, and vegan over 10 years ago, I am now totally grossed out at the idea of pounding steak.  Although I no longer find joy in preparing or eating the meat that is so often prevalent in Southern food, I feel my mother instilled in me what was most relevant about Southern eats, comfort.  This blog is the marriage of the richness and soothing qualities of traditional Southern foods and a more healthy approach to cooking... for both humans and animals.  

Because my recipes are vegan does that intrinsically make them healthy or diet foods?  Not nessesary, as most good vegan sweets taste that way due to plenty of sugar and oil.  I can say these recipes are a healthier alternative to the heaps of Crisco I grew up using in the South and are definitely more healthy for the cows if you are looking to leave a more animal friendly foot print.  I actively use and create short cuts and promote anyone reading this to go renegade and adapt in ways that bring you joy.  I do!  I do not claim to be a good cook, nor to be incredibly creative, but instead I have a healthy dose of courage in the kitchen.   Please take what I make, manipulate and make cooking magic of your own.

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